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Tomas Renner vegan

Online marketing Professional

Private page of Tomas Renner – all about my work & life.



I am the online guy since 1998.

I have worked as a private Consultant in the field of Web Producing, E-Commerce and Online Marketing for more than 20 years.

I founded one of the first Social Media & Content Marketing Agencies in Germany in 2011. I do try to blog at fine-sites since the 1990ies. My E-Commerce-Consultancy is named effective Commerce Online Marketing Beratung.

As an employee at idealo, pangora, alatest, ekomi, trusted shops, chrono24, advocado and – since. 2022 at e-recht24 – Rechtssicheres Online Marketing I am specialized in Growth, ECommerce & Online Marketing (Social, SEO) since 2004.I
I am a t3n Media Pioneer.


Everyone of us is a foreigner almost everywhere in the world.

Since I was in school I am also dedicated to political and non governmental work concerning migration and refugees.

I have founded once back in 2005 to help foreigners and refugees to settle down in Germany. I initiated in 2015 to bring neighbours closer together – No matter who they are and where they come from.

Last but not least I do love food and wine and sometimes a cigarre 😉 So I had really fun building up 2010-2013. My elaborate Italian skills helped me with that. I am vegan do live 95% #plantbased.


I grew up in Western Germany in the Golden 80ies.

My Mum worked as a social worker, my father was a Judge. I was born in Berlin in 1972. We lived in Melsungen till I finished school. My mothers family is from West Berlin. My family is catholic. I am atheist. I love my kids.

I am from a refugee family myself. My grandfather as well as my father Günter Renner were from Silesia. Germany fortunaltey lost the war and with it some territory. That is fine. Still my family had to flee once, lost everything and built it up again. That´s in my DNA. I live in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg since 1991.


Life of Tomas Renner

Road in summer, Brandenburg, Germany
Lake in summer, Brandenburg, Germany
Field in summer, Brandenburg, Germany
Seagulls in the dunes, baltic sea, Germany
Sunset, baltic sea, Germany
Dunes, baltic sea, Germany
TV Tower, Berlin Alexanderplatz
Snow Park, Damüls, Vorarlberg, Austria
Mittagsspitz, Mountain Damüls, Vorarlberg, Austria

Publicactions & Speaker

Tomas Renner Speaker @ Searchmetrics Summit 2021

Onlinemarketing Experte Tomas Renner

About luxuary watches (Chrono24 Magazine 2018-2020)

Social Media Kompass (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft BVDW, 2016)

Logistik & E-Commerce (Versa Commerce, 2015)

Facebook Graph Search (ECommerce Vision, 2013)

Webanalytics – Online Shops and Affiliate Marketing (E-Commerce-Lounge, 2010)

Migration & German Law (Migrationsrecht.Net, 2010)

Tomas Renner - Lago di Como 1991
Tomas Renner – Lago di Como 1991
– Why is that?

I am a bit of an exhibitionist 😉 I love the early beginnings of the internet. Ever since I enjoy creating websites -sometimes just for fun. In 1998 I established my first blog Online Marketing News. I simply created this pages, as I allways preferred personal email adresses such as to anything from gmail, yahoo or So along with that comes the domain and the webspace. Here you go! Enjoy.


Tomas Renner
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